Course 1 Final Project: Lit Circle Book Promotion

Background: At first I was concerned that this lesson would turn out to be me inserting technology for the sake of technology into some learning. (Which is going against everything I’ve been learning in this first course) My students have been working in Literature Circles reading novels based on feudal societies in Europe and Japan. They have been reading and discussing and sharing in small groups over the last 6 weeks. They have also been learning about life in medieval Europe and feudal Japan and have been making connections between their historical novel and actual life during those times. Instead of just having them put together a presentation of their learning, different factors have led me to make the focus on their use of critical thinking skills important in 21st century learning.
Two main shifts in my thinking led me in my approach to this lesson. First was the Popplet incident which I discuss in my post “Inquiring Minds….Let them Loose” where  I realized I need to step back and let my students do more decision making and problem solving themselves. One of the foci of this lesson is allowing students to create their plan and figure out how they are going to accomplish it.
In another post “Wandering” I discussed my journey to the conclusion that 21st century thinking and learning and teaching is really more about critical thinking skills than technology skills. So although student will be using technology, the lesson is about them creating and collaborating.
I will be giving them the task (with a few parameters) and then I will step back and allow them to work it out. My belief is that this perspective in my lesson planning takes this just from having them make a PowerPoint to using and improving their critical thinking skills.

Lesson Summary: Students will be given a task in their literature circle groups to create a multimedia presentation/product about their novel to promote it as a literature circle book. They will be given criteria for their product but will then will have to come up with a plan in their group to accomplish it.

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