Video: Learning to Change, Changing to Learn

This video was posted on Educational Origami on the page titled “21st Century Teacher“. I thought it was a really meaningful compilation of thoughts and comments about learning for the 21st century.

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  1. Rock Hudson says:

    I enjoyed watching your video of 21 Century Teacher. I watched it twice, the first time listening to each comment carefully. The second time I listened to the comments but also reflected on my class, the technology I have at my disposal and how I am using it to enhance the learning experience of the students in my room. Then I started wandering the net and reading about the 21st century classroom. One article that captured my attention was this article about smart boards. The SMART Way to Create the 21st-Century Classroom on the Scholastic Website( It really does make you realize that our kids are growing up in a world where technology is their world. They are digital natives! Now my challenge is to get my class more 21 century and try to become more of a digital native.

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